The church plant in the Philippines has been doing well.  In fact our problems are good problems!  The building is too small because we often have to many people!  There are not enough Sunday school classrooms since too many people come Sunday school!  Of course, these are great problems to have, and it is a testament to hard work and the blessing of God.

This leads me to invite you in on our project.  We are hoping to move into our own land very soon.  However, we are raising money to purchase this lot.  The lot is 2,555 square meters!  This is perfect for our church, Sunday school rooms, Bible institute and dormitory.  This will be even used for youth camps!  You can get involved in this great project that we have started by faith, and will finish by faith.

  • about $14,000 of needed $40,000 has been raised so far for the land itself. (as of 4/4/11)

  • Materials to build such as, concrete, bamboo, wood, and permits will be around $10,000.

  • This land will be used for the church building, Bible College, Sunday School rooms, and Summer Camps.

This money may not seem like too much.  But it would go a long way in the Philippines.  Would you pray how you and your church can get involved in building a church in the Philippines?

All donations can be sent to:

Baptist International Missions, Inc.

P.O. Box 9215

Chattanooga, TN 37412

Make checks to:  Peter & Nenita Denisi, #697, and designate to “Building and Land Fund”

Information about the church and missionaries:

Gospel of Christ Baptist Church
Zone 14, Cem Drive
Corner Kauswagan Road
Talamban, Cebu City 6000
An independent Baptist church started in 2003 by Missionary Peter D. Denisi.

Biography of Missionary Peter & Nenita Denisi

Peter & Nenita have been in the Philippines since 2002.  They have started the Gospel of Christ Baptist Church in 2003, and had their first baptisms in January of that year.  Since then the church has grown by leaps and bounds.  In 2006, they started the Cebu Baptist Theological Seminary to train the nationals in the Word of God.  In the church they have emphasized Faith Promise Missions giving.  And the new believer’s have growing!  The island that the church is on contains over three million people, most of whom are Roman Catholic.  Their mission board is Baptist International Missions, Inc., and their home church is Temple Baptist Church of Chattanooga, TN.  Their four children are Frank, David, Barbi and Susan.

Please, pray for them as they endeavor to spread the Gospel to the Filipino people on the Island of Cebu.  They are in midst of a building project now and are stepping out by faith to do it.  The building being rented now is becoming much to small, and by God’s grace there is larger land that has been put up for sale just up the road.  Please, keep Peter & Nenita Denisi in your prayers as they reach the Philippines and train the nationals.

They can be reached at phone number, (423) 591-1818, or via e-mail at