What is Faith Promise Missions Giving?

Gospel of Christ Baptist Church

Cebu City, Philippines


Taken from BAMA Bible School Curriculum, revised by Frank Denisi


  1. What Is Faith Promise?
  2. IT IS NOT:

A PLEDGE to the church. A pledge is made to an individual or an organization, whereas Faith Promise giving is solely between the individual and God. You may be asked to fulfil a pledge to a church, but no one will ever ask you for your Faith Promise. Giving is voluntary, spiritual and scriptural.

  1. IT IS:

FAITH … which means, I trust God to supply a certain amount for me to invest in world missions. It is a step of faith. I may not know where the money is coming from, but God has placed it on my heart to believe Him to supply this amount of money. A PROMISE … which means, I covenant (promise) with the Lord that as    He supplies that amount of money, I will invest that amount in world missions, thus fulfilling my promise to the Lord. (Ecc. 5:4,5) The Biblical principle is 2 Cor. 9:7 “…Every man according as he purposeth [decides or determines] in his heart, so let him give…”


PRIVATE: This is between you and the Lord alone. The church is only the vehicle through which it is channeled. The church does not keep any of the money for itself, it all goes to missions.  The church will never ask you for the money, it will not know what amount you promise to give. We are convinced that by trusting the Lord together, we will be used of God to expand our vision for a world of souls needing our involvement.

PRIVILEGE: The fact that you can be involved in something that almighty God is doing is a one-of-a-kind privilege.  The only one who can claim to be a co-laborer (co-worker) of God, is one who participates in investing in world-missions. (see 1 Cor. 3:9)

  1. How Does Faith Promise Work?
  2. We are challenged to trust the Lord for our Faith Promise. This is based upon believing that God is able and faithful to supply all our needs plus what He impresses on our hearts to share in the Lord’s work.
  3. When we determine what God wants of us as it relates to the Faith Promise, then we are ready to make our Faith Promise to the Lord.
  4. On the last day of this Missionary Conference we ask that everyone share the amount of their Faith Promise. You do not sign your name unless you want to. There will be no public announcement that so-and-so pledges such-and-such, but we take the Faith Promises on the last day of this Missions Conference to determine the direction God is moving us.
  5. This amount will be totaled to give us an idea of what to expect the Lord to supply through our faith for world missions over the coming year.
  6. This Faith Promise is then used to expand our effort of carrying the Gospel to every creature through our Mission family.

III. Why Use the Faith Promise?

The facts of the record are clear about churches which responded to Faith Promise Missions giving. A. They have found God supplying more resources to spread the Gospel and after all, that’s our business. B. They have seen God supply more abundantly the needs in the regular ministry of the church.

  1. They have experienced spiritual growth as a church and as individuals. Your people will have the thrill of trusting God to supply the need.
  2. They have experienced consistent numerical growth.
  3. Who Makes the Faith Promise?

No one has to participate anymore than they have to serve the Lord. Giving is voluntary and no one is ever personally approached and/or coerced (forced) to participate. All are encouraged to become involved in world evangelization and every centavo goes directly to the mission fields.

  1. Families: As a family, ask the Lord what He would have you invest in world missions.
  2. Individuals: Even children can be taught to trust God for money to be used in spreading the Gospel around the world.
  3. Anyone: Whether it’s a member of this Baptist church or not, who has prayerfully considered this before the Lord, and is led to trust God. For this to work, you must be faithful in your attendance and be honest before God. Anyone in the church-family of the this local church can be a participant.
  4. How Do I Determine the Amount To Give?

This amount should be according to your faith. This must be arrived at in prayer and the burden that God places upon your heart to support Faith Missions. Ask Him to guide you, and to give you a specific amount that you might trust Him to supply weekly. It is good to remember that “momentary impulse” giving is not exercising faith. God expects us to keep the “vows” which we make unto Him. After all, He is the one who is obligated to honor His Word and to keep His promise to those who exercise obedient faith. Remember also that Faith Promise giving is not just a “shifting” of some of your regular giving to the area of missions. But please note! Faith Promise Giving is trusting God for a specific amount to invest in world missions. It is between you and the Lord. You will never be asked for money. We trust Him to supply in this step of faith.