September 2016 update

2nd Anniv Group Shot 1st day Tuesday Group copySo much has been going on here in Cebu.  God has been good.  We had 100 teens for our youth activity yesterday.  There were 10 teens who personally asked Christ as their Savior!  Our church is seemingly growing too fast.  We don’t have enough Sunday School rooms. These are of course good problems.


Prayer requests:

Mission Church possibilities:

  • Oslob
  • Opon
  • Panoypoy
  • Pagsabungan

Pray for our student outreach center as we are right in the middle of the city where all the universities are.  Many students are coming by the dozens to get saved and forsaking their religion to ask Christ into their lives. This is what it is all about in the heart of missions.  Many are getting saved, pray that they follow with baptism.


Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!