QUICK UPDATE (Jan. 2011)


Jan. 2011

  • God has allowed Tracts, Inc. based out of Chattanooga, TN, to print us a Free Tracts in the Cebuano Language.  The tract they will be printing for us is the Romans Road in the Cebuano language with the church address on he back.  This is a blessing and an answer to prayer! Pray that this first batch of tracts will get into the hands of some sinner who will understand it and trust Christ as Savior!
  • Though I am still here in the States on deputation, the report I got back from our church in Cebu was amazing.  For the last Anniversary Service which was on Jan. 9, 2011 we had about 500 people in attendance, and 45 were saved!  We praise God for what He hath done!  Thank you for being a part of it!  We praise God for the outreach in the area of Pagsubongan which has brought much fruit, the gospel is spreading there, and Satan has been attacking.  There was a man who threatened to hurt our driver for picking up children in that area, and other things have happened as well.  We claim this area in the name of Christ, pray with us that Satan will be bound in Pagsubongan.
  • Thank you for all those who have helped and prayed in our building project. We have a land that we put a down-payment on already, and we are praying for the remainder of the funds to come in.  I believe if a handful of Christian’s can get involved the need of about $30,000 for this land will be paid off.
  • My Jan. travels have brought me so far to the Chicago area where I got to be with Pastor Caleb Hon in his church-plant in Lowell, IN.  While there I was privileged to lead a young man named Mark to the Lord.   I asked what him what his greatest need was, and he said, “I need a job.”  I replied to him by saying that “You’re greatest need is salvation for your sins.”  He was a little bit shaken but then said, “You’re right.  Tell me how I can have that please.”  The following Sunday I got to be with Dr. Anthony Slutz at a great missions-minded church in Indianapolis.  I praise God for the pioneering spirit, and love for missions that I have seen in these churches.
  • My support level so far has been climbing; please pray that the churches I have been to already will prayerfully consider adding me for monthly support.  The rate of the US Dollar to the Philippines Peso is getting weaker, so it is important for me to have a good deputation in this coming year.  Please, pray that God will provide my full support level.  Our trust is in the Lord, not in the economy!
  • Also, please pray for the 1st Sword of the Lord Conference to be held back on Cebu Isaland.  The members as well as other Christians in the area are excited for this.  It will be held this Feb. and the main speaker is Dr. Norris Belcher.  The members are very excited for this special and historical event.  Pray that souls will be saved and it will greatly encourage the believers there.