Principles of the Right Kind of Courtship

Principles of the Right Kind of Courtship | Feb. 5, 2019 | Frank Denisi

  1. Right Timing (Gen. 24:1)
    • The Start is important
    • Abrahams finances were essentially now Isaac’s.
  2. Right Partner (Gen. 24:3-4, 2 Cor. 6;14)
    • An unbeliever was not even considered.
    • This is a principle that we must live by as Christians.
  3. Right Priorities (Gen. 24:27)
    • Christ was the leader, nothing else.
  4. Right Authority (Ge. 24:2,6)
    • “And Abaraham said…”
    • The Parents and mentors were in agreement
    • Keep your parents an active part in the courtship process.
  5. Right Motives (Heb. 13:4)
    • There are no parties taking advantage, but both are willing to give themselves so that God will be honored and glorified.
    • Lust is not a factor if the motive is right.
  6. Right Boundaries (Gen. 24:16)
    • Purity is important to the Lord!
    • God is a God of second chances.
    • Don’t hide it from your future partner, but don’t bring it up so early in the relationship because it may lead to improper conversation.
  7. Right Feelings (Gen. 24:28)
    • The feelings of right courtship cannot be replaced!
    • The feelings of wrong courtship bring shame, cowardess and embarrassment.
  8. Right Results (Gen. 24:48, 67)
    • A wrong courtship results in a Christian who dishonors God, and brings shame to Christianity. He will be out of God’s will.
    • In a right courtship Christ is glorified, and God is honored.
    • 2:24 – They started a new life together, separate from their parents, even though the parents were a big part of their lives.
    • True love, a real romance, and a blessed marriage are the result of the right kind of courtship.