Prayer Letter | October – December 2016

14907230_1195673600492452_6043379417441480013_nDear Supporters & Praying Friends:

It’s hard to believe that this year is coming to an end so quickly, but we give all the glory to God for what he has done this year, and praise Him that his grace is always sufficient.  I am often reminded of the Bible truth in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”  God will not call us to go, where his grace will not sustain us.

POWER IN PRAYER – It has been said, “Nothing spiritually is ever accomplished without prayer.”  I would whole –heartedly agree with this statement.  God has been working on one specific prayer request that we have had for a while now.  Over a year ago and we were able to purchase a property up the road.  It is a great blessing indeed, but we never stopped praying for the rental property we are on now.  On the last week of October the owner finally called us, and said “Ok we are willing to sell it.”  This property was not even for sale before, and they would not budge.  What turned the heart of the owner?  Well, on the second week of October we met for three hours and prayed specifically that God would give us the rental property we have now which is more ideal for our church auditorium.   Now we need to pray for a good price and the funds to come in.  Of course, we will start again with prayer, because prayer works.

STUDENT OUTREACH ANNIVERSARY – Time sure flies and we just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary of our college student outreach center!  We had the privilege of clear and challenging preaching from my friend Missionary Dave Cabuntala.  He was a great blessing to our college students, and a handful of students were saved that night.  Pray as our college student ministry grows, and we eventually need our own place to build on.

BIBLE COLLEGE STUDENTS – Thank you all for praying for my Bible college students, as of now we have 9 students, with 4 young men, and 5 young ladies.  Each one of them has been a blessing as they work hard, win the lost, and study and train for the ministry.  If you could, please pray for them specifically.  Their names are, Kleint, Warren, Joseph, Robert, Lorely, Janelle, Angie, Desiree’ and Jojen.  They need prayers as they seek God’s calling in their lives regarding the ministry.  In retrospect, I thank the Lord for people who prayed for me when I was their age, so it is much appreciated.

CAMPUS MINISTRY – God has continued to bless our campus ministry as many of the youth from the youth group originally were saved during our campus outreaches.  I am very amazed how God keep opening us doors to get into school that no one else can get into.  This school year, we are have been in charge of both night and day high school departments campus ministries at the local high school, the unsaved teachers, though not always in agreement have over-all very helpful.  One of the named, Ma’am Aileen recently was saved and led to the Lord by my mother.  Sadly, she has stage four cancer and knows her time is not long on the earth.  Praise the Lord she is now saved!  The teachers for one department asked me to head up there drama and speech presentations team.  This gives me a set-aside time with a group of unsaved high school students every week, we have been having Bible studies after our practices, and about 5 students were saved from this.


A COLLEGE DEAN GETS SAVED – Occasionally, some local colleges and universities will approach me to be their speaker for certain events.  A few months ago there was computer college that asked me to come and teach a leadership lecture.  I obliged, and of course preached the gospel.  One of the deans of the I.T. department contacted me the next day asking more about salvation, she said that God touched her heart during the message, but she didn’t know what to do next.  By God’s grace, I was able to lead her to the Lord, and she trusted in Christ.  That dean of the I.T. department is now coming here to the church.  Please pray for Ma’am Gen, the salvation of her family and her spiritual growth!

SINGLES RETREAT – God has blessed our church with a great amount of single’s who are actively serving the Lord.  Whether it is soulwinning, or some activity at the church, they are always an integral part.  This led me to start our first ever singles conference.  We had 43 singles join, and were greatly blessed by our speaker, Pastor Ben Turner, who is a church planter in Vancouver, Canada.  Our theme was “You only live once, you’d better live for the Lord.”  Countless, young men and women had surrendered their hearts to the Lord during this special time.  Thanks for praying for it!

PRAISES & PRAYER REQUESTS – One church in Florida has recently added me for monthly support!  This is an answered prayer, and I am praying for four more to add me for monthly support.  This will be a great blessing for the ministry here and the furtherance of the gospel.  Also please pray as I will be preaching for Missionary Chris Hurst at his work in the metro Manila area for their Missions Conference this first week of November.  Also , we need to keep praying for the church property that our title will be released, as it still being held up at the government office.  Also, related to that, we are praying to buy the rental property that we have now.  Both of these properties would be ideal for our Bible College, school, dormitories and auditorium.  Please, join us in prayer for this great need.


A Merry Christmas and Happy to New Year to you all, thank you for your love and support!

Your Missionary,

Frank Denisi

Prayer Requests: 1) Please pray for us to be able to purchase the rental property we have now.  2)  The success of our campus ministries  3)  Our Bible school and students for provision and power in the ministry  4) Goal of 4 more churches to add me for monthly support  5) My parents mini-furlough in first quarter of 2017  6) The college dean who was saved, Ma’am Gen Bontoto  7) Our college student outreach center for sustained fruit, baptisms and more salvations 8)  The release of our title and permits from the gov’t offices

Praises:  1) One church added me for monthly support  2) successful Singles Conference  3)The rental property is now for sale  4) Baptisms this year have been up