Prayer Letter | January – March 2018 | First Quart

DJ2FL4FVoAAVol_Dear Friends:

The new year of 2018 has started out well here in the Philippines.  This is the 15th year now of our church-plant here in Cebu.  We thank God for all that he has done.  I know personally that this mission field here is unique and the people here have soft hearts for the gospel.  I recall when I saw people crying at the altar during the invitation time here, and began to think how this is not always the case in every mission field.  The Filipino’s here were crying and asking God to save souls, they were also begging God to revive His people, in America.  It’s humbling, to think the Filipino people pray for us.  If we lose our compassion for souls, we lose our motivation to obey the Lord with world missions.

Needless to say, I am very thankful for God calling me, and allowing me to be a part or His ministry.  Our 15th Church Anniversary service will be preached by Bro. Darrel Bolton, a retired Air Force Officer, and Pastor Joel Estillore, whose father was the first convert of Bob’s Hughes in the 1950’s.

My Dad is getting back to good health now, but he still goes for regular check-ups and has daily medication from his heart attack last year.  This coming March our church will be having another Faith-Promise missions conference.  We are blessed to be having Dr. Ron White and Pastor Jeff Welch preach the first day, then Dr. Gerry Nable, a missions statesmen of the Philippine pulpits, to be our main speaker.  Please, pray for a wonderful missions conference here at the church.  It our prayer for a strong indigenous missions program.  This March, our home church pastor, Dr. James P. Rushing, Jr. will come to preach for our Bible college graduation. We will also be having a special organization service.  As we strongly believe that churches start churches.  Our sending church in Chattanooga is a great blessing to be sending our pastor to come here to Cebu for that special occasion.  Please pray for our graduates Warren, Angie, and Jojen.

Please pray also as I have getting all my requirements to be the legal principal for our Christian school here.  There is literally no Christian school that is traditional on this whole side of our city.  So this is a wonderful opportunity to reach whole families with the gospel.  I am already meeting regularly with three of the father’s who enrolled their children at our school.  They are now saved and hungry for the Lord.  Please pray for Jimmy, Maxwell and Ruvi.  We are praying that our Christian school will be a lighthouse for the gospel for many years to come.  This will inevitably lead me to more speaking opportunities as I will be able to share the gospel to educators all over the Philippines.  On another note, we are very excited as our first Bible study club was approved by the local teachers college.  We are expecting 50-60 students each Bible study.

Please, pray for us as we are taking our staff to the Spiritual Leadership Conference of Asia which will be in Manila this year on the last week of February.   Bro. Obet, who is of our trusted staff will be staying behind to hold down the fort.  He will also will be getting ordained as our Deaf Ministry Pastor this coming March.  Please pray for him as well.  Pray also for a couple new mission churches we are helping to start Bro. Ariel Anor in Mantalungon and Bro. Rackson Suico in Bohol.  I will be speaking at both of those churches later this year.

Keep on praying for us we are praying for a miracle.  The property we are renting now is perfect for the ministry God called us to do.  It is now for sale, and will be sold to someone else if we can not raise the funds for it in time.  We are praying now about being able to raise the down payment, and for all the paper work and banking needs to go through.  Please, pray with us as this will surely have to be all God, but this is where God gets ALL OF THE GLORY.

Your Friend and Missionary



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