PRAYER LETTER (April-June 2014)

PRAYER LETTER (April-June 2014)

Dear Friend:

Thank you taking the time to read my prayer letter.  Much has been going on here on the Island of Cebu.  This Island contains over 2.9 Million people, and the Gospel message is the only hope for these souls, as many are devoted to religion and not to Christ.  We saw the week of Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday here and how much it is different than other parts of the world.  Most of the people here will brag about not eating meat for that week, but brag about it with a beer in the other hand.  The country is full of spiritual darkness, but there is a light, he is the “Light of the World”, and His name is Jesus Christ!

I was privileged to speak at 5 different summer youth camps.  Our summer here is only for 8 weeks and is pretty much the summer vacation of the public schools. So my summer was very much dedicated to preaching and reaching the young people, God has blessed and we have 5 students enrolled full-time for a our Bible College.  We recently added a new extension on our church property (the rented property) and called it the Bob Hughes Memorial Library.  This library will serve as a study center for the Bible students and also as a class room for them to learn.

We are opening up our Pre-school, and K4&5 in a few weeks.  This will be a challenging ministry but the ultimate goal is the same as the church, and that is to win the children and parents to Christ.  Please, pray for the approval by the Philippine Department of Education.

Our mountain area in Panoypoy which is about 35 Min away from our location here in the city has already yielded 4 Baptisms.  We rejoice in what the Lord is doing there, but Satan is attacking of course.  This is a spiritual war for the souls of these people in the mountain.  We need you to be a prayer partner with us in the spiritual battle for the souls of the Cebuano people.

One of my young men came to me and said, “Pastor Frank I think God is calling me to preach.”  Though his mother and father are faithful members in the church, there was some apprehension on their part.  I talked with Him a few weeks later and asked, “Are you sure God wants you to preach?   I thought you were going to sign up for the Police Academy and be a cop?”  He replied, “If I do anything but preach, my life will be miserable. Therefore, I must preach!”  Please, pray for this young man named Joseph, as he grown up here in the church.  We need prayerful Christian’s like you who care enough to pray for a young preacher boy on the other side of the world, for when we pray together, we can expect great things to happen.

Many college students have been coming to our church here in Talamban.  To get an idea of where our church is relative to the universities, we are located in the last part of the city until you get to the mountain.  They make the long trip to come here because the gospel is being preached and they are getting saved.  However, I know feel that in order to better reach the 100,000 college students that are in the downtown area, it would be very beneficial for us to open a Student Center.  This would be hub for Bible studies and new Christians to bring their piers for Bible studies!  These are exciting times, and it is great to see people coming to Christ!  Please, join us in praying for the Student Center.

Our church property is almost paid off!  I am being optimistic of course, but the property we are one is only rented and just right up the road, we have been praying and paying for a property.  We are over $8,000 away from having the title in our name, and then we can start to build on it.

Please, pray for a very influential man in our place here named Joel.  I shared him the gospel, and he did not get saved, but I can sense he is very close.  I know if he can get saved, his influence will allow him to be great soul-winner!


  • Good Summer Youth Camps
  • Baptisms
  • Bro. Azer’s full recovery from E-Coli Virus
  • Spiritual Growth of Youth


  • Salvation of Joel
  • Church Property
  • Student Center
  • Pre-school and Kindergarten
  • Joseph Labora, 16
  • Campus Ministries


Your Missionary to the Cebuano People,

Frank Denisi