Student Ministries

As of July 2015 I have 4 high schools, 5 elementary schools and 10 colleges we are sharing the gospel in.  Each place is unique as to how we got entrance, but by God’s grace many are coming to Christ and getting saved.

Since 2014 we opened up a Bible Study Center for college students downtown, which is only walking distance from all the major universities.

Here are some pictures to tell the story of God’s amazing grace.

December 2014 iPhone IV 029This is our Christmas party from 2014 at the Bible study center for college students.  Many are already saved and baptized!






tiltWe gather students from all over the downtown area.  We meet them on the streets, hangouts, campuses or simply friends of friends.  God is doing a great work.





April 2015 I 279Lorely is one of the college students who got saved at the Bible study center.  She is now faithfully serving the Lord, and is already working in the deaf ministry.




April 2015 I 023This guy named Klient (Clint) was our high school student who got saved and is now a Bible student!  He has a burden to reach the lost.





June 2015 022This is our Bible College. Though just small, these students have a big heart.  From left to right, let me share the their stories.  Left in Red: Jojen got saved at the invitation I gave in her High school classroom.  Desiree grew up in the church here, Angie (pink) was also one of my since she was 12 years old, Warren just gave his back to the Lord. Jospeh (Warren’s younger brother, is talented and using his love for music for the Lord.  Robert, was saved when his brother brought him to church 3 years ago. Klient is serving the Lord, and Ardan (last on right) is or former student at the local high school.

elliot type shotThis was take during our VBS Sunday 2015.  These are the kids from the elementary school down the road.  They love VBS, and are always a part of it every year.  This year however, the boy in the green was badly burned in a cooking accident.  Thank God he survived, but he has third degree burns all over his body.  His name is Jermel.



campus-ministryI was able to secure a position as the Spiritual Adviser for one of the local high schools!  We started a Campus Ministry and God is already blessing.  We have over 40 students accept Christ in this school year alone!