March – April 2016 Update

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Dear Praying Friends & Supporters,

God has been really working here! First off, I would like to share some blessing that God has done here in the Philippines. Currently, our church membership here is mostly comprised of young professionals, singles and students. Before, I thought it was disadvantage, but have realized that is a special blessing that God has given to us. Our youth especially here have a real passion to reach souls, live separate from the world, and really to something for God. I am personally grateful that God allows me to serve Him here in Cebu Island at this church, and I count it an honor. So, in light of that, let me share what God has been doing in the lives of our members here at the church.

One of our young professional men named Azer, who also is handling media and music ministry at church, was passing out tracts downtown when we came to a young lady from Papua New Guinea. She is currently attending college here as many college students from there do. She was so excited that she got the tract that she went home and called the number on the back of the tract, that number of course is my number. She came to the Bible study only 1 hour later, and got saved that day! She was baptized and started tithing right away, and God has opened so many blessings to her. She even prayed for a roommate and God, brought another Papua New Guinean girl to our church who was back-slidden, but from an independent Baptist church back in her country. They met and became best friends right away, and are now rooming together.   Now, just like that we are a Filipino church, with an American pastor, and members from Papua New Guinea!  Pray for Lydia and Talita, our two students from Papua New Guinea.

Keep on praying for our building project, as we seek to follow the Lord as to what he would have us to do. The paper work for our building permit and title for the property are moving extremely slow. However, I am told that it is quite normal here. Pray that we can start building as soon possible. We were blessed to be a part of the part of the 2015 Christmas Mission’s project at Pensacola Christian College & Campus Church as they helped us tremendously to get our building started! Only God can do that! We give Him all the glory, thanks for being our partner to win souls to Christ.

A few other things you can pray for:

  • Summer Youth Camp for salvations and decisions
  • We are praying we can also buy the rented property we have now, and are claiming it now for the Lord, please join us in prayer it!
  • Sunday School growth, and Bible College growth
  • A permanent building for our Student Outreach & Bible Study Center downtown.
  • Pray for Jose Bordadora, a recently saved father of our young people here, for spiritual growth.
  • Wisdom and God’s leading in my life

Nov. 1 Update – Bantayan Island

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We were recently able to go back to one of the islands that was devastated by typhoon Haiyan.  This is the same island that we helped a local independent Baptist church to rebuild their roof after it was torn off because of the fierce winds of the typhoon.  since then God has given us two different members from this island.  They don’t necessarily live there anymore, but they occasionally return to visit their families. This last week we were able to have Bible studies at their houses, and we saw a total of at least three people trust Christ as Savior!

Prayer Letter for Aug- October 2015

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August – October 2015

Dear Supporters & Praying Friends:

Throughout the course of my ministry, and especially in dealing with students, I am often asked this question: “What is my purpose here on earth?”. Such a question can be answered though the Bible in Colossians 1:10, “That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God;”. That is three-fold, to walk worthy, be fruitful and increase in knowledge. Our purpose on earth basically boils down to this; we must know God more, and make Him known to the world. I encourage all who read my missions prayer letter and other prayer letters of other missionaries to get a good feel for the heartbeat of each missionary. This will allow you to better pray and be more aware of what the Lord is doing all around the world in these last days. Sure, the world is changing but the saving grace of God has never changed, and He is still saving souls all around the world! Being a part of world-missions allows us to be a part of what God is doing.

God has opened up even more doors for us to share the gospel. Through, old-fashion hard work, door knocking, follow-up visitation and such, and tireless preaching, we have really seen the church grow, our campus ministries have grown so much. Our Bible College has grown to 8 wonderful college students. Our (secular) college student Bible study is averaging well over 50 college students per Bible study, and the church has seen a number of people get baptized. I attribute these blessings to the faithfulness of the Lord, and not the fact we are faithful. Because, sometimes we are simply not as faithful as we should be. It’s simply because we serve a faithful and loving God who is merciful to sinners such as us.

As of now we are in the beginning phase of our building project. The land needs to be leveled out, and then we need to drill a deep-well and have the electric company come in and connect us. There is really a lot to do and a lot expenses, but as I always have said, what God started He will finish. Please, join us in prayer for our building project, for the auditorium and Sunday school rooms along with church offices.


DEAF Ministry!

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deaf ministry What a blessing to see the Deaf Ministry growing Brother Obet and Brother Klient have been doing a great job.  Two other young people named Lorely and Peter John have also been trained and soulwinning the deaf. Amen!


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Here is a Missions Song written by Bro. Ebenezer Ponce of the Philippines

He is also the one singing it.  I thought this would be a blessing and encouragement to the Christians all over the world to go and tell about Jesus to the World!  The time is running out!



There’s a whispering voice here, telling here inside my heart

That the world is coming to an end but there are still those who never heard

They are dying by this time and we are needed to go there

To show the light and guide them in the way that they should go

It’s the only thing we can share more than anything in this world,

so we ought to go and tell that Jesus died for them.



So here I am send me to the place you want me to go

That I may work while it is day

The night will come when no man can work

Before it is too late here I am!


Verse 2:

They are all gone astray blinded by the sin of this world,

They are walking in the darkness, going to the pathway to hell

We will not be so selfish to tell the world about His love

The Lord hath said “whom shall I send and who will go for us?”

It’s the only thing we can share, more than anything in this world,

so we ought to go and tell that Jesus died for them.


Chorus 1x


What shall I render to the Lord for all the goodness that he gave so it’s time to decide here I am! (key change then chorus again)

update from last post! 7/9/2015

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PRAYER REQUESTS & PRAISES – The government office that releases the titles to lots was giving us a hard time in releasing our title, but nothing is too hard for God! Our lawyer informed us that they finally approved the title transfer for the church property! Pray with us as we start developing the land and start the building project. Pray for wisdom, as I will be the one to oversee exactly what and how the buildings need to be built. Also, we are praying for our own space for the college student Bible study center which we started downtown, which is already wall-to-wall filled with college who are coming to Christ every single week! Thanks for being a true prayer partner in these last days, I count it an honor to partner with you.

PRAYER LETTER for May – July 2015

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May 2015 iPhone 136

June – July 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

A PRODIGAL SON – God answers prayer! We say that a lot, but every time he does, it makes me just want to shout it out! One of my young named Warren was backslidden for five years. While he was away from God, he got into drugs, drinking and all the other vices you can think of. He told me how dark of a life it was knowing that he was saved, but grieving the Holy Spirit for all those years. We have been praying for him for so long, as his mother and father and brother and sisters are all faithfully serving the Lord. This summer God broke his heart, and he came back to church and enrolled in Bible school right away. What a change in his life now! He is now reaching other young men who are also hooked on drugs and such, sharing his testimony and the power of God. He is now a first year Bible student with a passion to preach God’s Word and win souls for Christ.

JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE – Our student ministries have absolutely grown! We truly know it’s all God’s doing and give him all the glory. One school that I have been trying to get into for a long time was denied by the incredibly strict principal who wanted nothing to do with me or our church. So this past summer, when I heard that her school had a volunteer work day. I brought my welding machine, and youth group and we fixed some broken railings on the third floor that were actually quite dangerous. When she heard I was up there welding, she called me into her office, and asked me. “When can you start your ministry in this school?” Since being there now in the first two weeks I already have about 20 students who are coming to church from that school. God is so good!  (She must have been impressed by my awful welding skills or God must have moved in her heart.  I am leaning on the latter.)

PRAYER REQUESTS – The local offices that releases the Title to Lots is giving us a hard time in releasing the title for our lot, but nothing is too hard for God. Pray with us that the government office here will release the title without any more problems. Once the title is completed we will start construction on the property, by faith! Also, we are looking for our own space for the college student Bible study center which we started downtown.


Your Missionary to the Cebuano People,

Bro. Frank Denisi

June 2015 022Warren is the one standing directly behind my mother.  This is our Bible school picture from June 2015.