National Leadership Growth in COVID-19

Many of my pastor friends back in the States have been having it rough during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is the truth. Many are being stretched with having to learn technology, feel separated from the flock and then even seeing some of the flock scatter.

Being on the mission field allows me a unique perspective of ministry during a pandemic. I will never claim to an expert of pandemic ministry, but if I may I would like to share to you what God is doing during the pandemic here in Cebu.

Since March 2020, when the nation-wide lock-down hit, we have bent, flexed and adjusted on the fly. Sometimes changing up services in the middle of the service, depending on things like bandwidth, schedules and such. It has been awesome to see our church leadership step up. I honestly know for sure, that they could continue on the ministry without me or my parents if anything should happen to us. Mission work is mostly things that are caught rather than things that are taught. So as you lead, remember, it is not always what you say, but h0w you live that is teaching the people. Such new, impressionable converts genuinely look to the missionary for leadership. What a grand responsibility! What a privilege to reflect Christ!

Our men have really stepped as we started what we call the Acts 2020 Campaign “house to house” Bible studies. Families are serving the Lord together by inviting their neighbors to join for a session of

Keep your head up, they are watching you, you are teaching them, maybe not the the way you would have liked, but you are.