March – May 2019

March – May 2019 | Prayer Letter |

Dear Praying Friends:

Wow!  God has been soon good!  I always wondered how an Italian boy from Brockton, MA ended up preaching the gospel in the mountains of the Philippines.  I have just finished a whirlwind of meetings for summer.  Summer here in the Philippines is a total of only two months for April and May.  Therefore, all of my summer youth camps and conferences are packed into this tight window.  Please pray for my national pastor friends and fellow missionaries here.  As I have spent a lot of time with them, I am blessed by their graciousness, love for the Lord, and genuine desire to see souls saved.  I have learned so much from them.

YOUTH CONFERENCES – The first week of summer I preached for Pastor Nene Tonacao at his Summer Youth Camp in the mountains of Mulaw, Cebu, I then preached for Dr. Armie Jesalva and his son Pastor Kent Jesalva at the World Baptist Youth Congress in Cebu.  I was blessed to be there with Dr. Mike Wells. A preacher who I have many decisions under.  I left that Youth conference early to head over to Dr. Edgar Nono’s work on Negros Island, and preached at his youth camp over there.  It was awesome to see Dr. Scott Gray and Pastor Jerry Ross again. It was even better to see dozens of teens walking the isles for salvation. After that I headed over to Mindanao to the Zamboanga Peninsula to preach at the youth camp of Missionary Bruce Rice.  He is a veteran missionary with BIMI, and is on his third personal church plant.  I was blessed to see Bro. Amer Lambo again, he was saved at work in Cebu, but had to go bac to Mindanao to care for ailing father. Right after that I went up to Luzon to preach at the Calvary Baptist Youth Camp in Lipa City for Missionary Carl Gormley and Missionary Calvin Houser.  It was nice at the end of camp when of the varsity players of the basketball team made some life changing decisions during the preaching and handed be his varsity jersey as remembrance that what I am doing matters, it was his way trying to encouraging me. I will not forget that. Then next week I was my own church for our own youth camp.  We were able to bring over 70 people to the camp as campers and staff.  That was an awesome experience.  Pastor Travis Lewis was the main speaker. I was privileged also to preach in a morning session.  Two of my young men surrendered to be pastors, John Rick and Joevil.  Please pray for them both.  I also had 5 young ladies that surrendered for full-time Christian service. After that, I made my way to Aloguinsan Province of southern Cebu Island, where I was honored to preach for Pastor Emmanuel Ansit. A man of God who has labored for the Lord, unheralded by man’s standards, for 25 years in the same place.  I preached his 25 year anniversary service and also his 1st Baptist Youth Camp. A young man named Justin came up to me to talk, and said though he has had a rough life, he is going to serve the Lord and go to Bible college to become a pastor.  What a blessing! It was nice to spend time with Bro. Jim dela Torre, one of my young men who surrendered for full-time evangelism.  I then followed that up by traveling to the southern mountains of Dumanjug and preaching for a national pastor friend for his 16th church anniversary. His name is Pastor Thiophanes Nemeno.  Please pray for him and his great work for the Lord. Thank you for praying all of these men of God.

BIBLE COLLEGE – Please pray for our incoming Bible college students coming this June.  We are having a new group of Bible students coming in who are eager to learn, and be trained.  Please, join in prayer for our Bible college students and provision for books, materials, meals and such. CHRISTIAN SCHOOL – As you know we have started a Christian school.  This makes very busy all the time, I am also having to take classes to be a licensed principal so our Christian school can operate legally.  This is quite time consuming, but needed.  Our Christian school here is important and is one of the best evangelism tools we have here on the mission field. Please pray me to pass Licensure Exam for Teachers.  This will allow me to function as legal head of the school. PROPERTY – Thank you all for praying for a property situation.  We have an extension since one of the land owners died, and the others went back to there countries they are now living in.  If we can make the down payment by the end of this year they are willing to let us stay on the property and pay the rest monthly.  We are still praying for the needed $40,000. Down payment. God is faithful! MY DAD – Thank you also to all who prayed for my Dad.  He had an operation to implant a cochlear implant on his right ear and he able to hear again.  He feels great, and God is so good. Thank you for praying.