March – April 2016 Update

Dear Praying Friends & Supporters,

God has been really working here! First off, I would like to share some blessing that God has done here in the Philippines. Currently, our church membership here is mostly comprised of young professionals, singles and students. Before, I thought it was disadvantage, but have realized that is a special blessing that God has given to us. Our youth especially here have a real passion to reach souls, live separate from the world, and really to something for God. I am personally grateful that God allows me to serve Him here in Cebu Island at this church, and I count it an honor. So, in light of that, let me share what God has been doing in the lives of our members here at the church.

One of our young professional men named Azer, who also is handling media and music ministry at church, was passing out tracts downtown when we came to a young lady from Papua New Guinea. She is currently attending college here as many college students from there do. She was so excited that she got the tract that she went home and called the number on the back of the tract, that number of course is my number. She came to the Bible study only 1 hour later, and got saved that day! She was baptized and started tithing right away, and God has opened so many blessings to her. She even prayed for a roommate and God, brought another Papua New Guinean girl to our church who was back-slidden, but from an independent Baptist church back in her country. They met and became best friends right away, and are now rooming together.   Now, just like that we are a Filipino church, with an American pastor, and members from Papua New Guinea!  Pray for Lydia and Talita, our two students from Papua New Guinea.

Keep on praying for our building project, as we seek to follow the Lord as to what he would have us to do. The paper work for our building permit and title for the property are moving extremely slow. However, I am told that it is quite normal here. Pray that we can start building as soon possible. We were blessed to be a part of the part of the 2015 Christmas Mission’s project at Pensacola Christian College & Campus Church as they helped us tremendously to get our building started! Only God can do that! We give Him all the glory, thanks for being our partner to win souls to Christ.

A few other things you can pray for:

  • Summer Youth Camp for salvations and decisions
  • We are praying we can also buy the rented property we have now, and are claiming it now for the Lord, please join us in prayer it!
  • Sunday School growth, and Bible College growth
  • A permanent building for our Student Outreach & Bible Study Center downtown.
  • Pray for Jose Bordadora, a recently saved father of our young people here, for spiritual growth.
  • Wisdom and God’s leading in my life