July – September 2018 | Update

July – September 2018 | Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends & Supporters:

I hope this prayer letter will not just be an update, but an encouragement to your spiritual life.  Sometimes as missionaries on the mission field, our enemy Satan, fights hard against us.  He hates the fact that souls are being saved from the flames of an eternal hell.  Often times, trials overwhelm us to the point that we want to quit.  However, we should be reminded that, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.” (Psalm 34:19)  In other words, God did not bring you this far, just to leave you now.  Whatever you are going through,  don’t quit, trust Him all over again, and surrender fully to Him!  God will take care of you and bring you through any trial you have.

We are in trial right now at our church because we have to move very soon if we cannot secure the payment for our property. We have been to three different banks so far, but all have declined to give our church a property-loan.  God has already given us about 25% of the needed amount to purchase the rental property we are on, but we are still short the other 75%.   Please understand the urgency, so you can faithfully pray with us.  If God will not supply the remainder, we will have to leave the property we are on, which will greatly affect the Christian school students that we have, and the church members.  It will also displace our Bible college students.  If it is God’s will that we must move, please ask God to give us clear direction on what to do next. We know God is faithful and works in ways we could never understand.  So, we will just keep praying and trusting Him.

I recently was honored to preach at the church started by the late missionary Bob Hughes.  I preached on how the people of Gedera focused more on the problem of losing their hog business, than in focusing on the miracle that Jesus did, how he miraculously healed the demon-possessed man.  This wrong focus caused them to ask Jesus to “depart out of their coasts”.  Sometimes, we focus on what Satan is attacking so much, that fail to see the great miracles that God has done, thus limiting the work of God in us, and through us.  Let us always keep our focus on the heavenly things, and on the calling that he has given to us.

Your Servant in Missions,

Frank Denisi

Prayer Requests: Church Property, Incoming Bible College Students, Re-opening of a Bible Night Institute for married members, Gov’t permit for school.  Praises: 150+ children saved at VBS, 3 more youths surrendered  for full-time Christian service, orchestra instruments provided by the Lord, more souls baptized!