July – September 2011 Prayer Letter


July – September 2011

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank for you for all those who have been keeping me in your prayers.  As you know I have been here in the Philippines for the last couple of weeks, laboring here in the harvest field of Cebu.  I have had good quality time to train the younger men that God has given to me, and also got to meet some new men that God is really working on.  So far I have gotten to lead to the Lord 11 people personally, and God has continued to bless.  By God’s grace I got to preach in the Cebu City Prison and saw 10 men come to the altar during the invitation for salvation.  I also got to preach at local Christian school just this past week for the their weekly chapel service,  and some students and even a teacher were saved as well.  We truly do see blessings when we are in the will of God and doing what he wants.

The missions conference that we recently had at the church here went very well.  The mission’s spirit is spreading, and I am seeing more and more Filipino families surrender to missions all over the world.  The Lord is truly doing something great here.  And one will see the finances are not a hindrance to missions, God’s word is not bound, and he still does  have “all power” to get the gospel anywhere.  The church also voted to take on another missionary by God’s grace!

I have gotten to see a great jump in the spiritual growth from the men.  Azer, Emmanuel, Aldane, and Joseph seem to be doing really well.  They are showing great leadership skills even for men so young.  I praise the Lord for them.  They have a great soul-winning spirit!  Please pray for some of the men they are training.  These young men that they are training are, Tyrone, Ray Jean, and Dominic.

Please do pray also for some persecution that we have been getting from one of the priests at a nearby public school.  It is said here among the Baptists, “The Philippines has freedom of religion…if you are Catholic.”  God’s word is not bound as I said, but please do pray for one school that we have been preaching in.  The priest has threatened the parents of the students and principal by withdrawing his monthly mass at the school grounds if they continue to allow the Baptists to preach the Bible at their school.  It surely looks like we have to leave, but please do pray.  God is much bigger, and He knows what we need to do.  Please, pray for wisdom for us in this matter.

I will be heading back to the states in August to finish off the about 20% left of my support to raise.  Please, pray that God will allow this to come in a short amount of time so that I can be back in the Philippines to serve Him in the field He has called me.  I am blessed beyond measure to have people like you who have taken time to read this letter, may God bless you for it and for your heart for missions.

Your Servant in World Missions,

Frank Denisi