July – August Prayer Letter

July – August 2020 (Click here for PDF Copy)

Dear Praying Friend,

Blessed are the Flexible for they shall not break!” That has been a running joke among missionaries for decades, but it has never been truer than during right now in the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have not been able to meet since mid-March as a church physically. However, we can just sit and cry about it. We have adjusted through much prayer and seeking the Lord for wisdom. If you have sent me correspondence, I am not able to pick it up since our post office has been closed because of COVID-19. We are limited in our movement, so we can get to a FedEx to send out prayer letters on paper. I ask if there is any church not getting my prayer letters on e-mail to please let me know. You can also be updated on my website, www.reachingthephilippines.com.


Since there is still a ban on mass gatherings here on the island, we will be adding an Online Bible College institute in the Cebuano language. It will be the first of its kind in the islands. We are already preparing now creating syllabi and lesson plans. There are already quite a few who are interested, as many students all over the islands will not be able to go to Bible college,  therefore an Online Bible College may be a viable option for them.  Please pray for us we start up this Online Bible College.

We are also continuing in our full-time Bible college, with about ten on campus Bible students. Please pray for the on-campus Bible students’ provisions and blessing on their ministry. Many of them are from poor families but have surrendered everything to pursue God’s calling on their lives.


When the COVID-19 hit we were wrapping up the purchase of the church property! God has been good and it is now over 50% paid off! We are still chipping away at monthly until we can pay the whole property off. Please help us to pray that we will make our payments on time, as this would also bring honor to the Lord. We are excited and planning for church growth after this pandemic. Thank you everyone who helped and is helping in this project! It is an encouragement to see the hand of God doing amazing things.


We are dividing up into houses and meeting for Sunday morning services, after the Sunday morning services, we will all meet together on the livestream service. This is because the governor of the island here has not given us permission yet to gather 10 or more. So basically, we have about 20 preachers ready to preach, and host multiple services throughout the day. God’s word will prevail, the gospel will be preached, and souls will be saved. We appreciate the prayers for wisdom and safety.

Frank Denisi

PS: Above are some pictures of how we have been utilizing the quarantine time to step up our outreach virtually.