Jan-Feb 2017 Update

Dear Prayer Warriors:

Thank you so much for hanging there in the battle with us as fight good fight of faith and bring the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.  Much has happened in the last few months, as there are even new Presidents in the Philippines and in America.   We look around at the all of the world’s events and we cannot help to think that these are not the last days, but the very last hours before the imminent return of the Lord.  Truly, even so come Lord quickly.

Our ministry has been growing again, and as we look to what God is going to do this year, we are going with the annual theme of, “With God all things are Possible” taken from Mark 10:27.  We truly are expecting great things from God, and are calling on Him to do so.  What a blessing to see the Filipino people, who don’t have much according to Western standards, live simply and develop the strong unwavering faith that our God is a God of doing the impossible.

You may recall from my previous correspondence about a few of my Bible students that I wanted you to pray for.  By the Grace of God, He has answered our prayers and Brother Warren is now preaching regularly.  I am particularly blessed by his strong preaching and leading of the Lord on his life.  He has a brother named Jospeh who recently surrendered for the full-time pastorate.  He is at crossroads at his life now though, as we is just eighteen and graduating Bible college.  Please pray that God gives him clarity for the next step of his ministry.  Brother Kleint is doing well and a very humble servant of the Lord.  He taken the time to invest in the discipleship of Brother Argie who is only fourteen years old, but growing in the Lord very quickly, and already has spiritual maturuity.  Please pray for a few of my younger men as they are constantly under spiritual attack.  They are Mark Anthony, Juhncris, Jade, Kyle, Johnny, Jaymar, Jim and Robert.

We are taking a step of faith by praying to buy the rental property we have now, as this is a perfect location for the sanctuary, church offices and parsonage.   We know that this will be lighthouse for the gospel for years to come in the a spiritually dark island such as Cebu.  It was only a few weeks ago that the people here on the island, by the hundreds of thousands, celebrated their idolatry and paganism.  How shall they hear unless there is missionary sent?  Thank you for your partnership, concern for the Filipino souls, and sacrificial giving.  I cannot put into words how wonderful your partnership is for the cause of world missions.  We may not even know on this side of eternity.  However, one day we will.  Please, continue to be faithful to our Lord and master till the last trumpet sounds.

Your Missionary,

Bro. Frank Denisi