ISIS in the Philippines?

ISIS Philippines copyDear Praying Friends and Supporters:

HEALTH UPDATE OF MY DAD – Thank you for the continued support both financially and with prayer.  You are a vital part of what God is doing here and for that there is eternal dividends that are put on your account.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  Please, continue to pray for my Dad as he is recovering well from his heart attack in April.  He is on a lot of meds to make sure the arteries stay open and blood is flowing well.  He is doing well and back at the pulpit preaching.

GOD’S GRACE – Our summer vacation in the Philippines only 2 months long.  Yes, I wish it was the like the States with 4 months of Summer!  But all fun aside, our summer here is packed.  For about 4 weeks with past summer I was in different youth camps.  At one of the camp I was the main speaker, Bible Baptist Camp of Negros Oriental.  We had about 300 campers, and I was so grateful for what God did that camp.  I had 7 of of my own young people here surrender for full-time ministry.  I asked one of them, “Are you sure, or is it just emotions?”  He replied, “No Pastor, but I have decided to follow Jesus.”  It reminded me of the time back in Tennessee when I was teenager who went to the altar and surrendered my life to the Lord.  I begged God to use a worthless sinner like me, I begged not to allow me to waste my life on myself.  By God’s grace, he has kept me in the work of the Lord, and I enjoy it all every day.

ISIS IN THE PHILIPPINES – As you may have heard there is war going on in the Southern Philippines with AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) and the Maute Group (ISIS Affiliated).  We are far enough away where that we are safe.  But the war is being centered in city of Marawai.  I have been to this city twice and had preached at underground church there on both occasions.  However, the members are in hiding right now, and fleeing to different parts of the Philippines for safety.  There have already been a number of casualties as the Philippines government does want the Muslim rebels to take over that city.  I have enclosed a graphic to give you a visual understanding of where we are.

Prayer Card 2017 Mom and Dad FINALBelow is a picture of my Mom and Dad (Peter and Nenita Denisi).  Please pray for him.