“Frontliners Get Struck by Bullets”

“Frontliners Get Struck by Bullets”

Frank Denisi | March 17, 2020

“Men that have hazarded their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Acts 15:26 KJV)

The early church in the book of Acts suffered many hazardous situations for the cause of Christ. From angry mobs, bad weather that caused shipwrecks, and rocks being thrown. Yet, these men still didn’t waver in the cause of Christ.

When God called me in the ministry, I knew I signed up as a soldier. I didn’t know exactly everything that would happen, but I knew for sure it meant service as a soldier. The expression in America for soldiers on the front line is often “bullet catchers” or “cannon fodder”.  As a God called preacher, “I must be a good soldier”, as Apostle Paul declared to Pastor Timothy.

Basically, it comes down to this. As a minister of the gospel, called to preach the glorious good news of Christ; I cannot expect those who are not signed-up for the war to endanger themselves, and to place themselves in hazardous situations such as a possible Coronavirus exposure. As for me, I will. Even though, the frontliners often get struck by bullets. We can all get our strength from the power of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration of the early church leaders who were willing to hazard themselves for the name of Christ. 🙏🇵🇭