Feb. – March 2011 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

The month of Feb. was quite busy for me.  I was at the Missions Conference at Pensacola Christian College, where we sat under some great preaching from Dr. David Pittman.  God really used his preaching in a mighty way, and we saw many students surrender for missions.  It brought me back to the time a few years ago that God spoke to my heart at a missions conference at PCC.   It was a time that I realized our lives on earth are too short for us to live for ourselves.  I praise God for the training that I received as student there at Pensacola Christian College.  I also praise the Lord for the countless students that I was able to personally talk to and encourage in the area of missions.

Please pray for our building project in the Philippines. We have already made the down payment on a good piece of land, and we are praying for the rest money to come in.  As of now, 26% percent of the land is already paid for, but if we cannot make the remainder of that payment, God forbid, the Land will be taken back by the original owners. There is urgency in this matter, so please pray.

I received word from my national pastor friend that the very first shipment of Cebuano Bibles had just come in from Bearing Precious Seed.  Praise the Lord; this is the first translation work in the Cebuano language from the Received Text/KJV.  I am excited to see how many will come to Christ, when they can read the pure Word of God in their own tongue. With all these tracts and Bibles being printed, Lord-willing there will be many testimonies in this coming year!

The first ever Sword of the Lord Conference was held on Cebu Island by Dr. Norris Belcher just last week.  There was an average attendance of 300 for each session, and the Christians, especially my own church members, were revived in their fervor for winning souls.  Praise God for all the American’s who have invested in the souls of the Filipino’s.  If you’re from the Philippines, and saved, who was the missionary that brought you the gospel?  Please, let me know, I would love to hear about it!

Quick Prayer Requests:

  • 1.      Pray for Spiritual growth of the new members at the church-plant in the Philippines (Gospel of Christ Baptist Church of Cebu Island)
  • 2.      Pray for the preachers, Bro. Emmanuel, Bro. Azer, Bro. Marcelo, Bro. Aldane.
  • 3.      Pray for our new church secretary in Cebu, Miss Lanaza.
  • 4.      Pray for God’s POWER, PROVISION, and PROTECTION in my life, and for my deputation.
  • 5.      Pray for the land for our church property to be paid off.

Your Servant for the Philippines,

Frank Denisi

UPDATE: (3/26/11 – Thanks to the Campus Church & Pensacola Christian College for the Wed. offering of over $2,700. for the land!  Praise the Lord.  Almost there!  Pray with us, and if God would have you to help out financially, please e-mail me at frankdenisi3@yahoo.com)