Corona Outbreak (updated March 13)

Earlier today we managed to make it back to Cebu all the way from Manila.  The city is preparing for a full-lock down. People will not be able to travel in and out soon. As now everything is still up and running. When we left Manila earlier today, there was already about 40 confirmed cases.

We are able to minister to the people at City Baptist Church, Pastored by Missionary Calvin Houser.  They probably ministered to us more than we did to them.

We appreciate the prayers! We will having a Corona Virus meeting tonight that the church to discuss measure to protect ourselves. There are already confirmed cases just down the road here from the church.


Well we managed to get out of Manila a day before the President issued that the city will be on lock down because of the Coronavirus!  God is good.  There are no Coronavirus test kits in Cebu yet.  So there is no way to really know who has it here.  Prayer are appreciated. Just a couple miles from the church people are being put in quarantine.