Dear Friends of the Ministry,

We are in need of a computer.  This computer will be used for the church in Cebu, and be used for designing flyers, tracts and burning CD’s of the Sermons preached at the Gospel of Christ Baptist Church pulpit.  There is a great need to get the word of God in the form of media in Cebu.

This will be the start of the SERMON RECORDING (CD)  ministry for the church!

If you know anyone who would be willing to supply this need or help in anyway.  Please do let me know by e-mailing me at or calling me at (423) 227-6644.

The computer must have ability to burn CD’s/DVD’s.  It also would be a blessing to have at least 2 or 3 computer bays on the tower to install CD/DVD burners.

Most likely it would cost around $500. to buy a new one, but there may be a Christian out there who would gladly donate a good, fast computer for this great need.  You can be a blessing in the area.  Please, pray for it.

You Servant in Missions,

Frank Denisi

* This prayer request has been answered!  On May 18th, I was in Pensacola, FL and didn’t have a meeting that night, I was led by the Lord to just drop in at church there in the area, where a Christian who knew about this need already had a brand new computer that he wanted to give away.  Praise the Lord for his provision and leadership!  God is good!