August – October 2017 Prayer Letter

August-October 2017 for Download

Dear Friends:

There are a lot of things to unpackage in this letter, but I will give it my best shot.  God has been doing great and wonderful things here in the Philippines I claim 1 Chronicles 16:25, “For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised: he also is to be feared above all gods.”  God has been showing himself mightier than anything this island has ever seen!

A young man name Cyril came to the church, asking for us to help him.  He was hearing voices in his head and would go wild and get into trances.  Later I found out that he was heavily into hard rock music, and was eventually demon possessed.  My Dad and I began to pray for him, and then about 30 other men followed right behind us.  By the grace and the power of God, he was saved and the evil spirit left him and never returned.  His father, who is a high ranking traffic enforcer in the city was very grateful, and he knows there is something different about Christianity, that there is power from God in the life of Christians.  The father and the son have both expressed that utmost gratitude for helping them.   Cyril has deleted all of his hard rock music, and is now reading the Bible everyday.   Please, pray for Cyril and his spiritual growth as he is praying about coming to Bible college.  What a blessing and testimony to the power of God if he does!

Our Christian school has been really growing, and the Lord has used it greatly as an avenue of reaching whole families with the gospel.  We recently had one whole family who originally came to us to enroll their youngest daughter in our school, since then, the whole family has been saved and baptized, expect for the youngest as she is still 6 years old.  Please pray for Jimmy Milan and his family, he is also a high ranking and influential police officer in the city.  Their daughters have already been attending the youth group and assisting children’s outdoor Bible classes.  Pray for the spiritual growth of this wonderful family.  Don’t forget to pray for us as we try to seek our accreditation through the government office as we would like to be a legally operating school.  We would be the only Independent Baptist Christian school on our side of the city.  There are also other parents who have been saved.  Please pray for Maxwell and Cora, and also M.J. and Jean for spiritual growth.

You may remember a few months ago I told you to pray for Ma’am Aileen, she was a teacher at the local high school who had been a great help to us and for the cause of the gospel of Christ.  She finally succumbed to the cancer that was taking over her body.  The wonderful blessing is that although she was from a devoted Catholic family, her family witnessed an absolute miracle, as salvation is still a miracle.  A few month before she died, in her stage 4 cancer, she accepted Christ, she left behind her Catholicism and embraced a relationship with Christ, on her death bed, she would pray, and read her Bible then, tell her family of what God was doing in her spiritually.  They didn’t really understand, but supported as she was in sickly state.  Finally, on the last day of her life, he sister reported this to me first hand.  She said to her family, with a bright and glowing smile as she said her last words.   “I am ok now, I am ok now.  It is so nice here, it is so real!”  Her older sister which I recently witnessed to and was saved, told of these last words.  She said to me, “As Aileen died in my arms, I can express the peace she had in her heart and on her face, it was glowing Pastor!  Whatever she had, that is what I want!”  Please, pray for the Marcos family as they are grieving the loss of Aileen, and  I will follow them up for discipleship.

We have been trying to get into more universities that we can usually get into.   Because of this we have stumbled onto these small pockets of international students.  God has allowed a lady from Papua New Guinea named Lydia to be a part of our church, and also a young named Anderson from Haiti.  We are truly going international!  I often joke to the members that I can not preach in the dialect here anymore, because we have too many English speaker going to the church.  Pray for that young man named Anderson.  He is a Haiti earthquake survivor, and most of his family died in the disasters there.  He is really here in the Philippines to start a new life for himself.  He has much potential for the service of the Lord.  Also pray for some disciples of mine named Jim, Johnny, Christian, and York.  They have all expressed a desire to preach, and are seeking God’s will for their lives.

Thank you so much for praying for my Dad, Missionary Peter Denisi, who in April suffered a heart attack.  He is doing much better, though he slowing down a bit, he is still faithfully preaching, soulwinning, and in much prayer.  We thank the Lord for his recovery, and all the honor goes to God.

Recently, we have been in much prayer as to what is God’s will for the location of our church.  The property value all around has been skyrocketing to say the least.  We know of course that God is in control, and owns all the cattle on a thousand hills.  With this in mind we have been praying to buy the rental property we have now.  It only has been put up for sale this year.  We spend a whole night from about 8:00PM to 5:00AM praying for this need.  If somebody else will buy this property, we currently would know what the Lord want us to do next.  Please, join us in prayer for the purchase of the rental property we have now for the glory of the Lord.


Your Missionary on Cebu Island,

Frank Denisi