It is written in the Bible in Acts 5:29, “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.”  I have pondered this thought very carefully for these past few months.  Just the other night we having a campfire with the youth group here.  As tears began to roll down their faces, my tears began to flow also.  I recalled how in previous years that I would wake up early, pray for them, visit them at their houses, constantly get on them for being on church, but now I can could see where all that effort had brought them.  It had brought them into a place of sweet submission to the Lord, and has allowed the Holy Spirit to so move in their lives, that these young people will never be the same.  I was struck with realization that God didn’t bless my talents or abilities, but he simply blessed my obedience.  For you who are reading this today, maybe out loud, or in a church foyer somewhere, I hope you too can be blessed with the wonderful thought, that God is not asking for your talents and abilities, but He is asking for your obedience.  With the obedience comes the blessing, and with obedience faith is required.

One of the greatest ministries that I know God has given me is our Bible College.  The Bible college allows us the opportunity to train men and women in the full-time service for the Lord.  We recently graduated 3 students and are now praying for our next group of incoming students.  We were blessed with the preaching of Dr. Stan Prussia who was our keynote speaker for the graduation ceremony.  That night, my father, Missionary Peter Denisi suffered a mild heart attack, and he needed to get three stents put in.  He is doing well, but won’t be able to get back to preaching for a month or so.  Thankfully, God has blessed us with many young men who are indeed God-called preachers for pulpit supply.  Please pray for my father and for our young men as we continue on together in the service of the Lord.

We are still praying for a couple things that God has yet to answer.  Please join us in prayer for our title for the property down the road to be released, and we are also praying  that we can buy the rented property that we have now.