7 Reasons to be Thankful on the Mission Field

7 Reasons to be Thankful on the Mission Field

By Missionary Frank Denisi | Philippines | Thanksgiving ’19

1.       The Gospel Still Works! – Jesus is still saving souls here on the mission field. Though there are difficulties and often tears shed, we rejoice greatly when one lost sinner comes to Christ.

2.       The Growth of the Members – Many of our church members are simple, first generation Christians.  They come from Catholic backgrounds, but are now living in the light of the glorious gospel. God, through sanctification, is molding them in growth.  What a blessing to see Christ in our members!

3.       The Guidance of the Holy Spirit – It is vital to walk with God every day here on the mission field. The demonic presence is real, and the attacks are not so subtle sometimes. We thank the Lord that He guides us through His holy Spirit and even for protection.

4.       The Gifts of the Brethren – Through sacrificial missions-giving, missionaries as myself are supported to bring the gospel to the heathen. This is all in Romans 10, and we, that includes you, rejoice greatly in God’s provision for the furtherance of the gospel message!

5.       The Gains in Missions Giving – We have seen God continue to bless us as a church and individually as well. I can see that it is all trade back to our increases in our missions giving.  You can never out give God! This year of 2019 saw greatest grains in our missions giving. To God be the glory.

6.       The Granted Prayer Requests – Many prayers have went up this past year. God’s answers are always right and just, whether the answer is “yes” or “no”. Honestly, this year has been a lot of “Yes”. We just want to glorify God for it all.

7.       The Graduates – One of the most important things in missions is to train the nationals in the work of the ministry. The missionary has just only one lifetime to do something for the Lord, this is why it is vital to train nationals.  We have good classes of graduating Bible college students lately and coming this next year.  We are so excited as to what God will do in them, and in their future ministries.