Dear Partners in World Missions,

Have you ever dreamed where your heart for God will take you? Well, I always did, but I never expected Him to guide me to meet the people, and see the churches that I have been too.  I have no regrets about getting into missions and answering God’s call.  Deputation so far has been nothing but a blessing.  It has been a time both for my faith in Him to grow, and a stage for him to display his sovereignty and power.  I truly believe that deputation is one of the best tools of preparation for the mission field.  Praise God for what he has done thus far!  I am at almost 30% of my needed support!

The veteran missionaries had always told me to build relationships with the people on the mission field by doing simple things like buying from the same merchant over and over again, and so forth.  During a two year span, I would go to the same photo developer/graphic designer for church projects.  I would invite Aidin, a young lady, to church over and over again in the span of two years.  She never seemed to care, but I was persistent.  And finally, she did come to church; she was drawn and stayed by the real joy that she had never seen before. She had so many questions, and was very empty and living in darkness.  But she found the light and was gloriously saved.  She was just baptized by my Dad in April 2010.  Praise the Lord that I learned persistence pays off!  How can you be persistent in compelling others to come to church where you live?

I have seen God do great things so far in this deputation process.  Please, continue to pray for me, for more meetings, Holy Spirit guidance, and for traveling mercies.

Your for the Filipino Souls,

Missionary Frank Denisi