2nd Annual Singles Conference

I appreciate supporting churches like Pastor Brent Stancil in St. Pete, Florida where I saw the efforts and heart for singles ministy and outreach.  One of the other Pastors that I learned alot from regarding the singles ministry was Pastor Rod Kelley out of West Jacksonville Baptist Church.  I said that all to say that we are “labourers together with God.”, and I appreciate my godly influences over the years.  It has developed my heart also to reach singles with the gospel, and to help them to grow in the Lord and find God’s will for their lives.

Anyway, we just finished up our 2nd Singles Conference this week! Singles Ministry is very important in the Philippines! Our main speaker was Pastor Dave Cabuntala and co-main speaker was Pastor Tim Owen. Hope to see our speaker last year, Pastor Ben Turner of Vancouver with us again one day too!

Thanks for praying for us and the work here in Cebu, Philippines!


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