2014 1st Quarter Update (January–March)

January – March 2014 (1st Quarter)

This is Jojen on the night she surrendered to the ministry.


Dear Friend:


I want to start out by thanking you all for the prayers, love and support that have been coming our way.  While the immediate damage we suffered from the Super-typhoon Haiyan was minimal, there were many good ministries around us that were greatly affected even on our island.  Through love gifts of concerned Christians that were sent this way, we were able to put roofs back on 8 church buildings, 4 parsonages and 1 Sunday school building.  At the same time we were able to distribute relief goods and see many souls saved.  To God be the glory!  We are now ready for any calamity that may happen in our area or around us.  We were able to purchase a 4-Ton truck to haul building materials which we have already used for a run up to Bantayan Island.  We added a removable roof and bench seat to the back and can use it on Sunday’s for pickup in the mountains.  We were also able to purchase 2,500 watt generator, which will be badly needed in the next few months as the power plants that were damaged are still not up and running, so the power that the city needs is not enough.  There will be scheduled blackouts for a while.  However, all is well here in Cebu.  I ask you to be in prayer for the ministries of Carl Sparks in Eastern Samar, Rick Fannin on Panay Island, and also Rick Martin in Iloilo.   These BIMI missionaries have seen the most damages to their church property, or to other churches they planted and get started.  There is a feeling in the air that the Lord will return any moment, we can not lose the passion that is need for soulwinning in these last days!  I believe that these souls that were saved will lead to new churches being started, we need more missionaries to come to the Philippines!  Please go to www.bimi.org to watch the official BIMI Typhoon Relief Video.


There was 15 year old young lady, who was student in the local high school.  I preached in her classroom, had an invitation and she was saved.  I didn’t know she was truly saved until she came to church and somebody tried to deal with her regarding salvation, but  she was adamant about getting saved during the invitation in her classroom!  Since then, she has been baptized and is reading the Bible every day.  The day that she received her Bible, she read the book of Revelation, on that day.  Yes, she is truly thirsty for the word of God.  She is now the student body president, and wants to use her position to be a witness for Christ, and after High School enter into Bible college.  Her name is Jojen, would you please pray for her?  She had some persecution but said to me, “If following Christ means leaving my family behind, then that is what I must do.”  The next week she led her drunkard father to the Lord!


I told you about the young lady named Jopay that I led to the Lord in 2008.  She is now a teacher at the university, and she got me into the school to host a Bible study.  Since then there have been over 30 college students saved, two are now attending the church services.  The dean of her department, asked me to teach the NSTP program which is an essence a “Character Building Program”.  I told him as long as I can preach the gospel then it would be fine for me.  He agreed, and just like that I am now preaching in the university here in the city to over 2,000 students every semester.  This will open the door to preach at other universities in the city.  We give God all the glory for these open doors and souls being saved!


Yours for the Cebuano Souls,

Frank Denisi