1st Qtr 2021 Prayer Letter

January – March 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporters & Praying Friends,

THOUSANDS OF FILIPINO YOUTH INFLUENCED ONLINE | God has been so good to us. However, if were to be honest we, are tired of the all the restrictions from the pandemic regulations set forth by our government, but by God’s grace we are complying, and we believe that God has a purpose in it. We have seen church growth, and even greater spiritual growth among our church brethren here.  We were able to see the Lord truly work in mysterious ways. Last year we were able to host the huge online event called the Online Baptist Youth Conference of the Philippines, this has since turned into a network of about 5,000 Baptist Christian youth from all corners of the Philippines! God has been so good allowing us to be a godly influence to thousands of teens during the pandemic. Many of them, including here at the church, have went on to Bible college, and surrendered in service for the Lord.


REVIVAL BREAKS OUT IN THE DEAF COMMUNITY | At the beginning the pandemic, about year ago. Our small deaf ministry was forced to move online and connect that way. We didn’t know it at the time, but God used that for us to expand our reach to many unsaved deaf people all over the island. Once the lockdown was lifted, they came to church! They are now coming regularly, and our deaf ministry has tripled in size. We recently baptized two young deaf men, Phil and Counan. These two men have given themselves to the Lord to be evangelists to reach the deaf community with the gospel. Pray for them please.


CHURCH PROPERTY AND THE MIRACLES OF GOD | God has been providing miraculously, and we like to give God all the glory for it! God has been consistently providing for us to purchase the property for the church. We still owe about $140,000., but are sure that God will meet this need. Please, join us in prayer for this need. We have also been able to upgrade both lady and men’s dorms during the pandemic as well, and also build a 4-stall bathroom. We are working now to build sturdy, bamboo huts around the property which will work as “soulwinning stations”. We are “preparing for rain”, spiritually! One of the church members commented recently, “Pastor, I think we are entering the harvest phase of the seeds we planted for years.” It reminded me of Psalm 126:5, “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”


PRAY FOR US PLEASE | Another thing I realized during the pandemic is that I don’t like being single anymore! All kidding aside, I started a courtship with a sweet, godly young lady named Japhia Kim. She grew up a pastor’s daughter, though her daddy already went on to heaven a couple years ago. Please, join us in prayer as we pursue God’s blessing on our relationship, and God’s will for our future moving forward.


Thank you for the unceasing prayers for me and the work, your financial help, and encouraging correspondence. Missionaries such as myself need folks like you to continue to back us up in prayer. I think of what Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, “Brethren, pray for us.” (1 Thess. 5:25) Also, please know I am available if you would like to set up an appointment on Zoom and so forth. Just reach out to me.