18 Parents Saved During Packed Church Meeting!

Praise the Lord for the 18 parents that were saved during the VBS Awards Sunday for the VBS Kids.  The parents were naturally excited to see their children get awarded for Bible Verse Memorization and other awards as well.  With a total of 119 children for the week.  The church members, Bible students and volunteers were all very busy. Praise God for the 100+ children which trust Christ as their savior during the VBS week.  What a blessing to be a part of something so great!  Even though I am still back here in the States my church members have kept me up-to-date on everything that is going on back in Cebu.  I thank the Lord for hard-working servants of God.  Where are you serving God?

We praise the Lord for all that He did.  None of the glory stays down here, but all goes to the God in heaven!  Thank you for praying for it.  If you did not pray for, then please pray for the discipleship and baptisms of the new believers! Thank you! – FD

(Pictures:  Notice how packed church has NO room left whatsoever.  In fact people are sitting in the next room and watching the service through the side door.  Yes, WE DO NEED A NEW BUILDING!  Please help us to pray for this project.)