Prayer Letter | January – March 2018 | First Quart

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DJ2FL4FVoAAVol_Dear Friends:

The new year of 2018 has started out well here in the Philippines.  This is the 15th year now of our church-plant here in Cebu.  We thank God for all that he has done.  I know personally that this mission field here is unique and the people here have soft hearts for the gospel.  I recall when I saw people crying at the altar during the invitation time here, and began to think how this is not always the case in every mission field.  The Filipino’s here were crying and asking God to save souls, they were also begging God to revive His people, in America.  It’s humbling, to think the Filipino people pray for us.  If we lose our compassion for souls, we lose our motivation to obey the Lord with world missions.

Needless to say, I am very thankful for God calling me, and allowing me to be a part or His ministry.  Our 15th Church Anniversary service will be preached by Bro. Darrel Bolton, a retired Air Force Officer, and Pastor Joel Estillore, whose father was the first convert of Bob’s Hughes in the 1950’s.

My Dad is getting back to good health now, but he still goes for regular check-ups and has daily medication from his heart attack last year.  This coming March our church will be having another Faith-Promise missions conference.  We are blessed to be having Dr. Ron White and Pastor Jeff Welch preach the first day, then Dr. Gerry Nable, a missions statesmen of the Philippine pulpits, to be our main speaker.  Please, pray for a wonderful missions conference here at the church.  It our prayer for a strong indigenous missions program.  This March, our home church pastor, Dr. James P. Rushing, Jr. will come to preach for our Bible college graduation. We will also be having a special organization service.  As we strongly believe that churches start churches.  Our sending church in Chattanooga is a great blessing to be sending our pastor to come here to Cebu for that special occasion.  Please pray for our graduates Warren, Angie, and Jojen.

Please pray also as I have getting all my requirements to be the legal principal for our Christian school here.  There is literally no Christian school that is traditional on this whole side of our city.  So this is a wonderful opportunity to reach whole families with the gospel.  I am already meeting regularly with three of the father’s who enrolled their children at our school.  They are now saved and hungry for the Lord.  Please pray for Jimmy, Maxwell and Ruvi.  We are praying that our Christian school will be a lighthouse for the gospel for many years to come.  This will inevitably lead me to more speaking opportunities as I will be able to share the gospel to educators all over the Philippines.  On another note, we are very excited as our first Bible study club was approved by the local teachers college.  We are expecting 50-60 students each Bible study.

Please, pray for us as we are taking our staff to the Spiritual Leadership Conference of Asia which will be in Manila this year on the last week of February.   Bro. Obet, who is of our trusted staff will be staying behind to hold down the fort.  He will also will be getting ordained as our Deaf Ministry Pastor this coming March.  Please pray for him as well.  Pray also for a couple new mission churches we are helping to start Bro. Ariel Anor in Mantalungon and Bro. Rackson Suico in Bohol.  I will be speaking at both of those churches later this year.

Keep on praying for us we are praying for a miracle.  The property we are renting now is perfect for the ministry God called us to do.  It is now for sale, and will be sold to someone else if we can not raise the funds for it in time.  We are praying now about being able to raise the down payment, and for all the paper work and banking needs to go through.  Please, pray with us as this will surely have to be all God, but this is where God gets ALL OF THE GLORY.

Your Friend and Missionary



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Trike Fun Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year!  I thank the Lord for you and your prayers and support as I,  my family, and ministry team faithfully labor for the Lord here in the Philippines.  Have a great New Year!  Keep God first and he will bless you!  Keep your focus on the eternal things, soul-winning, missions giving, living holy and righteously and faithfully to the Lord!

While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal. (2 Cor. 4:18)



2nd Annual Singles Conference

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I appreciate supporting churches like Pastor Brent Stancil in St. Pete, Florida where I saw the efforts and heart for singles ministy and outreach.  One of the other Pastors that I learned alot from regarding the singles ministry was Pastor Rod Kelley out of West Jacksonville Baptist Church.  I said that all to say that we are “labourers together with God.”, and I appreciate my godly influences over the years.  It has developed my heart also to reach singles with the gospel, and to help them to grow in the Lord and find God’s will for their lives.

Anyway, we just finished up our 2nd Singles Conference this week! Singles Ministry is very important in the Philippines! Our main speaker was Pastor Dave Cabuntala and co-main speaker was Pastor Tim Owen. Hope to see our speaker last year, Pastor Ben Turner of Vancouver with us again one day too!

Thanks for praying for us and the work here in Cebu, Philippines!


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August – October 2017 Prayer Letter

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August-October 2017 for Download

Dear Friends:

There are a lot of things to unpackage in this letter, but I will give it my best shot.  God has been doing great and wonderful things here in the Philippines I claim 1 Chronicles 16:25, “For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised: he also is to be feared above all gods.”  God has been showing himself mightier than anything this island has ever seen!

A young man name Cyril came to the church, asking for us to help him.  He was hearing voices in his head and would go wild and get into trances.  Later I found out that he was heavily into hard rock music, and was eventually demon possessed.  My Dad and I began to pray for him, and then about 30 other men followed right behind us.  By the grace and the power of God, he was saved and the evil spirit left him and never returned.  His father, who is a high ranking traffic enforcer in the city was very grateful, and he knows there is something different about Christianity, that there is power from God in the life of Christians.  The father and the son have both expressed that utmost gratitude for helping them.   Cyril has deleted all of his hard rock music, and is now reading the Bible everyday.   Please, pray for Cyril and his spiritual growth as he is praying about coming to Bible college.  What a blessing and testimony to the power of God if he does!

Our Christian school has been really growing, and the Lord has used it greatly as an avenue of reaching whole families with the gospel.  We recently had one whole family who originally came to us to enroll their youngest daughter in our school, since then, the whole family has been saved and baptized, expect for the youngest as she is still 6 years old.  Please pray for Jimmy Milan and his family, he is also a high ranking and influential police officer in the city.  Their daughters have already been attending the youth group and assisting children’s outdoor Bible classes.  Pray for the spiritual growth of this wonderful family.  Don’t forget to pray for us as we try to seek our accreditation through the government office as we would like to be a legally operating school.  We would be the only Independent Baptist Christian school on our side of the city.  There are also other parents who have been saved.  Please pray for Maxwell and Cora, and also M.J. and Jean for spiritual growth.

You may remember a few months ago I told you to pray for Ma’am Aileen, she was a teacher at the local high school who had been a great help to us and for the cause of the gospel of Christ.  She finally succumbed to the cancer that was taking over her body.  The wonderful blessing is that although she was from a devoted Catholic family, her family witnessed an absolute miracle, as salvation is still a miracle.  A few month before she died, in her stage 4 cancer, she accepted Christ, she left behind her Catholicism and embraced a relationship with Christ, on her death bed, she would pray, and read her Bible then, tell her family of what God was doing in her spiritually.  They didn’t really understand, but supported as she was in sickly state.  Finally, on the last day of her life, he sister reported this to me first hand.  She said to her family, with a bright and glowing smile as she said her last words.   “I am ok now, I am ok now.  It is so nice here, it is so real!”  Her older sister which I recently witnessed to and was saved, told of these last words.  She said to me, “As Aileen died in my arms, I can express the peace she had in her heart and on her face, it was glowing Pastor!  Whatever she had, that is what I want!”  Please, pray for the Marcos family as they are grieving the loss of Aileen, and  I will follow them up for discipleship.

We have been trying to get into more universities that we can usually get into.   Because of this we have stumbled onto these small pockets of international students.  God has allowed a lady from Papua New Guinea named Lydia to be a part of our church, and also a young named Anderson from Haiti.  We are truly going international!  I often joke to the members that I can not preach in the dialect here anymore, because we have too many English speaker going to the church.  Pray for that young man named Anderson.  He is a Haiti earthquake survivor, and most of his family died in the disasters there.  He is really here in the Philippines to start a new life for himself.  He has much potential for the service of the Lord.  Also pray for some disciples of mine named Jim, Johnny, Christian, and York.  They have all expressed a desire to preach, and are seeking God’s will for their lives.

Thank you so much for praying for my Dad, Missionary Peter Denisi, who in April suffered a heart attack.  He is doing much better, though he slowing down a bit, he is still faithfully preaching, soulwinning, and in much prayer.  We thank the Lord for his recovery, and all the honor goes to God.

Recently, we have been in much prayer as to what is God’s will for the location of our church.  The property value all around has been skyrocketing to say the least.  We know of course that God is in control, and owns all the cattle on a thousand hills.  With this in mind we have been praying to buy the rental property we have now.  It only has been put up for sale this year.  We spend a whole night from about 8:00PM to 5:00AM praying for this need.  If somebody else will buy this property, we currently would know what the Lord want us to do next.  Please, join us in prayer for the purchase of the rental property we have now for the glory of the Lord.


Your Missionary on Cebu Island,

Frank Denisi

10 Principles of Faith Promise Missions Giving

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antipolo10 Principles of Faith Promise Missions Giving

1 Sam. 1:11 – 2:26


  1. Missions Offering is asked by the Lord by Faith. – 1 Sam 1:11,20
  2. Missions Offering, once given, will abide forever. – 1 Sam. 1:22
  3. Missions Offering must be prayed. – 1 Sam. 1:27
  4. Missions Offering is a loan unto the Lord. – 1 Sam. 1:29, Prov. 19:17
  5. Missions Giving must be given continuously and consistently. – 1 Sam. 1:28b
  6. Missions Offering ministers unto the Lord. – 1 Sam. 2:11
  7. Missions Giving starts small! – 1 Sam. 2:18
  8. Missions Giving is renewed and grows every year. – 1 Sam. 2:19
  9. Missions Giving will be graciously blessed by the Lord. – 1 Sam. 2:20-21

Example 1: “Widow of Zeraphat”

Example 2: “Lad with 5 Loaves and 2 Fishes”

  1. Missions giving will eventually expand greatly and will bless the name of the Lord and men. – 1 Sam. 2:26

ISIS in the Philippines?

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ISIS Philippines copyDear Praying Friends and Supporters:

HEALTH UPDATE OF MY DAD - Thank you for the continued support both financially and with prayer.  You are a vital part of what God is doing here and for that there is eternal dividends that are put on your account.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  Please, continue to pray for my Dad as he is recovering well from his heart attack in April.  He is on a lot of meds to make sure the arteries stay open and blood is flowing well.  He is doing well and back at the pulpit preaching.

GOD’S GRACE – Our summer vacation in the Philippines only 2 months long.  Yes, I wish it was the like the States with 4 months of Summer!  But all fun aside, our summer here is packed.  For about 4 weeks with past summer I was in different youth camps.  At one of the camp I was the main speaker, Bible Baptist Camp of Negros Oriental.  We had about 300 campers, and I was so grateful for what God did that camp.  I had 7 of of my own young people here surrender for full-time ministry.  I asked one of them, “Are you sure, or is it just emotions?”  He replied, “No Pastor, but I have decided to follow Jesus.”  It reminded me of the time back in Tennessee when I was teenager who went to the altar and surrendered my life to the Lord.  I begged God to use a worthless sinner like me, I begged not to allow me to waste my life on myself.  By God’s grace, he has kept me in the work of the Lord, and I enjoy it all every day.

ISIS IN THE PHILIPPINES – As you may have heard there is war going on in the Southern Philippines with AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) and the Maute Group (ISIS Affiliated).  We are far enough away where that we are safe.  But the war is being centered in city of Marawai.  I have been to this city twice and had preached at underground church there on both occasions.  However, the members are in hiding right now, and fleeing to different parts of the Philippines for safety.  There have already been a number of casualties as the Philippines government does want the Muslim rebels to take over that city.  I have enclosed a graphic to give you a visual understanding of where we are.

Prayer Card 2017 Mom and Dad FINALBelow is a picture of my Mom and Dad (Peter and Nenita Denisi).  Please pray for him.

Tricycle Project

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We are praying to buy a Tricycle to pick our elderly folks who live near the church but are not able to walk the distance due to deterioration of health.  A Motorcycle with sidecar here in Cebu will cost about $1,800 plus registration papers and permits.  Please, join us in prayer for this special need.

You may send all donations for this project to BIMI, account #1437, note on the bottom of the check “Frank Denisi Tricycle Project”



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It is written in the Bible in Acts 5:29, “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.”  I have pondered this thought very carefully for these past few months.  Just the other night we having a campfire with the youth group here.  As tears began to roll down their faces, my tears began to flow also.  I recalled how in previous years that I would wake up early, pray for them, visit them at their houses, constantly get on them for being on church, but now I can could see where all that effort had brought them.  It had brought them into a place of sweet submission to the Lord, and has allowed the Holy Spirit to so move in their lives, that these young people will never be the same.  I was struck with realization that God didn’t bless my talents or abilities, but he simply blessed my obedience.  For you who are reading this today, maybe out loud, or in a church foyer somewhere, I hope you too can be blessed with the wonderful thought, that God is not asking for your talents and abilities, but He is asking for your obedience.  With the obedience comes the blessing, and with obedience faith is required.

One of the greatest ministries that I know God has given me is our Bible College.  The Bible college allows us the opportunity to train men and women in the full-time service for the Lord.  We recently graduated 3 students and are now praying for our next group of incoming students.  We were blessed with the preaching of Dr. Stan Prussia who was our keynote speaker for the graduation ceremony.  That night, my father, Missionary Peter Denisi suffered a mild heart attack, and he needed to get three stents put in.  He is doing well, but won’t be able to get back to preaching for a month or so.  Thankfully, God has blessed us with many young men who are indeed God-called preachers for pulpit supply.  Please pray for my father and for our young men as we continue on together in the service of the Lord.

We are still praying for a couple things that God has yet to answer.  Please join us in prayer for our title for the property down the road to be released, and we are also praying  that we can buy the rented property that we have now.

Welcome to February 2017!

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vintage philippines map

Thanks for always praying for the work here in the Philippines.  You may pray for these Feb. 2017!  Activities at our church by date, please pray for them!

5 – Pastor Tim Parish preaching our Evangelistic Service

12 – Missions Booster Sunday

12 – Prayer Vigil and Fasting

13-16 – BIMI Field Conference

19 – I Love my Church Sunday

19 – Single’s Fellowship

March 23 – My parents return from a brief furlough